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See also jquery: You can listen to the keypress event, and halt the default event entering the text if it matches the specific keycodes.

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Best example for this is Chrome's Inspect Element function, this allows you to change the value-property of a field. However the user will be always able to turn the javascript off or just look on the source code of the page.

How to Copy / Paste on Macbook or Apple Computer

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Ramakrishnan Ramakrishnan 2, 7 25 What is the purpose of this? The only two legitimate scenarios I can think of are password fields which you can't copy out of anyway and a typing speed test. I'm sure you can detect suspiciously fast typing. Paul Butcher, Propeng: There are scenarios, where you need this. Very simple example: A site for learning foreign languages.

Another legitimate situation might be where double entry is required to detect mistakes e. Still, such a user might keep a list of randomly generated email addresses e. It really throws the user off, because it's so fundamental to their mental model that they expect it to "just work". It's as if you tried to pull a door and it swung away from you instead of towards you!

shortcut keys - Ctrl + V and Ctrl + C doesn't work in Intellij IDEA - Ask Ubuntu

I guess, this is something not preventable as of today. Codepen demo EDIT: Why the keydown and keyup handlers on document?

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Also, there's no need for the e. Perhaps you were thinking of how you get a character code from a keypress event? Finally, this will do nothing about pastes from the context or edit menus, but I suppose the OP didn't ask directly about that. Ctrl key handlers on document to be general - as they may not want the ctrlDown variable to be exclusively linked to the no-copy-paste input s. This is perhaps OTT.

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Thanks for the e. I recommend Jan Wolter's JavaScript key handling article: I'm not an expert or anything, but i think it would probably be better to test for e. With jquery you can easy detect copy, paste, etc by binding the function: Chris Andersson Chris Andersson 1, 8 While it can be annoying when used as an anti-piracy measure, I can see there might be some instances where it'd be legitimate, so: Limitations of this method: Opera doesn't allow disabling right click events Drag and drop between browser windows can't be prevented as far as I know.

There's another way of doing this: Short solution for preventing user from using context menu, copy and cut in jQuery: Its about lines of code, maybe you like to take a look: Mwizak 1, 2 11 Varun Naharia Varun Naharia 2, 4 31 It indicates if Ctrl was pressed at the time of the event, like this: Abu Ghufran Abu Ghufran 34 4. BlueCacti BlueCacti 5, 2 16 BackSpace , Delete , Left , Ubuntu PPAs: Ubuntu Web Upd8: Ubuntu OMG!

Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of October 23rd, 1. Since I'm forced on occasion to enter the command line for various operations - such as VirtualBox upgrades after a kernel update - I want to simply paste commands. What can be done? Adv Reply. October 23rd, 2. What arrests my attention October 23rd, 3.

How can we activate the shortcuts Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V keyboard on a Mac OS X

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  7. And don't forget if you are using a mouse you probably have the option to just highlight the line anywhere then middle click anywhere to paste terminal or not. Outside a terminal: October 23rd, 4. Join Date Apr Beans If you're running the same commands over and over again, you may want to consider just writing a script.