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Je propose: PC, Mac. Vous avez des questions? HomePage www. Nombreux tests et tutoriels sur iPhone ou iPad iOS. Essayez de trouver une version parmi celles qui fonctionnent p. Sa structure en tableau rend son utilisation simple et logique. Simple, mais aussi terriblement efficace. Je n'ai pas de rapports de bugs depuis bien longtemps Vous pouvez combiner tous ces modes. Impression au look professionnel, format de papier A4 ou Letter 20 pages maxi sur imprimantes standards. Impression sur imprimantes de tickets p.

Brother QL , 62mm. Utilisation d'un scanner, p. Gestion des articles et des stocks: Affichage du nombre d'articles dans le document en cours. Fonctionnement en alternance sur PC et Mac. Vous pouvez aussi ajouter des commentaires. Ajout de sous-totaux. Choix de la monnaie, l'affichage d'une seconde est possible. Compilation de plusieurs Bulletins de livraison en une 1 Facture. Tient ses promesses et fait ce qu'il dit.

Certains clients travaillent depuis bien plus de 10 ans avec. De quel ordi ai-je besoin pour Excelgestion? Vous pouvez en tout temps "passer" le fichier Excelgestion. Tous les textes dans les documents et le programme sont modifiables simplement et en tout temps. Que pourrais-je faire pour vous? Ne craignez pas de me bousculer. Il suffit de copier-coller!!! Si vous avez besoin d'ajouts et modifications, je vous fais une offre dont le montant est aussi clair et transparent. Excelgestion est pour tout utilisateur.

Copiez simplement chaque soir p.

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C'est tout! Ce n'est pas souvent que l'on a ce type de retour sur le net. Le tout sur Mac. Cette fiche-patient doit pouvoir contenir des textes en couleurs et avec attributs. Garantie et service: CHF Lisez la feuille "Premiers pas" et la feuille "Aide". Vous utilisez le pointeur de la souris 1 , comme sur un ordi PC ou Mac, en glissant votre doigt.

WinBoard or XBoard for Unix is a graphical user interface for chess. You can use it as a PGN-viewer or to play chess on the Internet e. Many freeware chess programs use WinBoard as their graphical interface. Eric's page. Freeware by Martin Blume. Arena is a graphical user interface for chess programs engines and has become quite popular. Arena is compatible to various protocols and has an extensive homepage with support, forums and more. The Arena Homepage.

Freeware by Stefan Immich. A simple Java interface for playing on a chess server. You need the free Java runtime environment 1. Download Schachmatt from http: Select "Use folder names" when you unzip. Freeware by Eric Bentzen. Broadcast games live on the Internet. Just update a pgn file when new moves are made and Palive will create and upload webpages automatically.

In principle it doesn't matter whether you update the pgn file with a text editor like NotePad or advanced software that monitors electronic chess boards. See The Palview Pages for more information. Some have asked for links to Macintosh programs.

Being a PC-user it is difficult to describe Mac programs, but a good Mac-link is: Google Web Directory with freeware to download, such as:. Audio and Visual Brain features let you listen and see as it evaluates moves. A mixed collection of programs to read, edit, record and view chess games usually pgn files. Freeware by Roger Musson. The program is just a chess set: You can use it for playing through games or whatever , and when you want to go astray in some variation, simply tell the program to remember the position and you'll not have the usual trouble finding your way back.

Pitt Archives 33 KB. With Filemate you can read, play through, record, edit and save games. Handles several file formats. The unregistrated version has some limitations. Download from Pitt Chess Archives: Filemate KB. Freeware by Karl-Heinz Milaster. PGN-viewer with a large board. Program and installation in German, but everything is pretty straight forward. Download from GM Schach 1. A new idea: If you go to Lapides' website, http: Once the page is loaded, you can disconnect.

The analysis board is a great idea: The pgn is saved by copying the generated text to the clip board and pasting it into your own editor or word processor. Freeware by Gary J. A handy program for playing through games in PGN-format 1. Freeware by Keith Fuller. Chess game reader games in PGN-format.

Can be used with your www browser. Pgnrd 72 KB. An open source chess game reader games in PGN-format. Several piece sets to choose from. One-click move input. Move history view with standard algebraic notation and figurine symbols. Displays games. Reads PGN files. Download page Chess Source kb.

Freeware by Alexander Sizenko. Displays games from a PGN file. Download page Style-7 1 mb.

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Freeware Win 3. DBS Chess is a Windows program that records both the game moves and all the analysis of your correspondence chess. It allows you to prepare emails using the clipboard to send text to your email program. It can handle a very wide range of formats and international notations. The Win 3. The program can be downloaded from the authors homepage: David B. Sugden's homepage or from ftp: Shareware for the correspondence or email chess player by Andres Valverde Toresano.

Win 3. There is also a freeware lite-version. The program keeps track of your games. Reads and saves PGN. Sends and receives email. ECTool Homepage. Freeware by Uwe Auerswald. A program for correspondence chess by email. Lots of useful features for handling games, mail, tournaments etc. MailChess kb. Freeware from ChessBase. ChessBase Light is a free version of the database program ChessBase 6 however limited to a maximum of games in one file.

You can find CB Light 2. Freeware by Peter Klausler. CDB builds databases of chess games and positions and keeps track of all known moves in a position as well as game statistics. Positions can be analysed with Crafty. Download from ftp: Freeware by Mark van der Leek. A handy and easy-to-use database. There's no limit to the number of games, but with more than ChessPad has its own file format, but reads and writes PGN. There are several search options, but you cannot search for a certain position. For diagrams and if you like figurine notation you can choose between different true type chess fonts.

Games and diagrams can also be exported for use on webpages. Compared to commercial products this excellent program has a few limitations that are unimportant for most players - and it's free! Download from ChessPad Homepage kb. Windows, Linux and more. A complete chess database program with a nice looking interface and many possibilities. For instance you can have a program like Crafty analyse the game. Jose is written in Java, which slows it down just a bit, but at the same time this means that the program isn't confined to one platform only e. Which file to download depends on your operating system, but Windows users should download "josewindows-jre.

If you have Java version 1.

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Read about Jose and download from the author's homepage. Freeware by Shane Hudson. Windows, Unix, Linux. You can search using filters, export games etc. Crafty can be used as analysis module. The user interface seems a bit simple, but works and is easy to use.

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Explanation and download kb on Scid Homepage. Freeware by Dr. David Kirkby. A project based on Scid see above and with several enhancements. See the program's homepage for further information and download. ChessDB homepage. Free service by Ben Marini and Douglass Davis. Freeware by 'Black Eagle'. Download from http: Freeware by David Barnes.

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This utility extracts and manipulates games from PGN-files. Freeware by Dimitris Siskopoulos. Pgn files are written with the English letters for king, queen etc. With this program you can convert the letters to other languages. You can also manipulate fields the header lines with information. Freeware by Eduardo Suastegui.

An excellent - and fast - utility for handling PGN files. Join, split and filter files.