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I had AppleCare, which covered the repair. But it also meant I would be without a computer for two weeks. I couldn't afford that downtime.

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Happy, that is, until the Vaio died. I went back to my MacBook Pro, only to have the logic board die again within a week! It worked well enough, but I missed the quality of the Mac. The trackpad wasn't as responsive nor as big. I missed the anti-glare screen of my Mac. By then, new MacBook Pros were out, so I decided to try again. They had a 1, x 1, screen resolution with an anti-glare option, which made them especially appealing.

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You can switch between Windows and the Mac on the fly. You can even run them side-by-side. To switch, you have to shut down and restart into the OS you want. I choose Boot Camp because it made life a little easier. It meant Windows got all my MacBook's processing power and memory, for example. Windows also got all the advantages of the Mac's hardware.

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I like to joke that Apple makes some of the best hardware for running Windows. Why not shift fully to the Mac? Mainly because I'd moved to running three external monitors. At the time, I still felt Windows provided a better multimonitor experience. Resizing windows in Mac OS, in contrast, is a time-consuming pain.

I also really liked Outlook and didn't want to use what I considered to be the inferior Entourage package. I also decided to begin using Windows 8, so I could get to know the new operating system better. A "sleep" option also never appeared. These were relatively minor issues, but they bugged me. I spent a few hours installing and reinstalling and trying various fixes, with no luck.

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But during that time, I also began reassessing. Did I really still need Windows, either Windows 7 or Windows 8? Had the Mac evolved enough that I could fully jump to it? Maximizing windows? Sure enough, holding "Shift" while clicking on the green plus-symbol button in the top right corner of a window maximizes it as with Windows.

What about Outlook, which I still prefer to using something like Gmail in a browser? MadBoy MadBoy 3 10 Answers on Ask Different need to be more than just a link. It's okay to include a link, but please summarize or excerpt it in the answer. The idea is to make the answer stand alone. He also gave a description. I believe it's legit answer. uses cookies.

Short one but it has a point. Haha, patrix was actually the one who edited my answer to provide the helpful blurb: Yes, it works, but feeling a bit weird. Snippets is as lightweight as you get for a text expansion app. It primarily resides in your menubar, but you can bring up a single window for editing. While it wasn't the winner in our text expansion face-off , it's pretty great. For simple and inexpensive text expansion, Snippets is the way to go.

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It's not terribly inconvenient to access your calendars by going to Google Calendar or iCal, but it's especially convenient to have a rundown of your day in your menubar. Additionally, if you have events in multiple places specifically Google Calendar, iCal, and Facebook , CalendarBar can summarize them all for you and even alert you via Growl. If you ever need to sign a document or get some handwritten text into your computer, Autograph can solve that problem by letting you use your multitouch trackpad as a writing surface.

It basically turns your trackpad into a pen tablet. You can sign with your finger, but you can also purchase a compatible stylus for the full-on pen-on-trackpad experience. CloudApp is incredibly simple: You're instantly provided with a link in your clipboard and can send it to whomever you like.

CloudApp even provides the storage for you. Got any awesome micro-apps that you love that weren't on this list? Let's hear 'em in the comments! Also, Dropbox doesn't count. We left it off on purpose because we talk about it all the time and it isn't always the epitome of lightweight.

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